30 Jun 2016

Sudanese Featured

Today 3.9 million people face severe hunger nationwide – 80% more than last year.

The hunger and the fighting became so bad, there was nothing left to eat at all,” says Nyepach Benyluok, who arrived from South Sudan’s Unity State with 30 others, mainly mothers with young children. “There was no choice but to come here.”

Together, they walked for a week to escape a place in the grip of one of the world’s worst hunger crises, where three-quarters of a million people today survive mostly on wild plants, water lilies, and swamp fish.

Since fighting erupted two years ago, over 1.6 million South Sudanese have been forced to abandon their homes to seek safety elsewhere in the country, while 647,000 have fled to neighboring Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda.

Mellca Associates is doing everything we can to assist those forced to flee by providing shelter, protection, medical supplies and emergency relief, including sleeping mats, water cans and mosquito nets.

Please help us provide emergency relief and life-saving shelter for the thousands forced to leave everything behind.

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